Have you ever had an awakening? Have you ever deeply considered the meaning of life, and how you fit into the cosmic puzzle?


Meet Tessa, a 28-year old dreamer (with a history of supernatural experiences), who moves across the country on a journey to discover the answer to these questions. What she found could reshape life as we know it. In conjunction with her decision to write a book about reconciling and integrating her spiritual belief systems, she suddenly trips headfirst into a rabbit hole of unexplainable events. A myriad of new insights floods her existence, catalyzing a huge shift in consciousness that changes her forever.


Join Tessa as she unravels the secrets of the universe and attempts to uncover the reality of magic that lies beneath the surface. In doing so, you could experience your own awakening, one that leads to a more fulfilling, engaging, and inspiring life.


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Signed Copy - What is Magic?