by Teresa Yanaros, April 19th, 2018

What is Hope?

Hope is:

  • a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

  • a feeling of trust

What is Hope to You?

Take a moment to ask yourself what hope means to you. What are your hopes and dreams? What is it that you wish for?

In a general sense, I put hope into two categories:

  1. Something that you want to manifest for your future

  2. The feeling of hope and wonderment that you connect to in order to help you get through your day

What Do You Want?

Today, reflect on your goals. What are the main things that you seek in your life? You might want to be happy and have all the world's pleasures in your life. You might want to be stable with a home to live in, a roof over your head, a job that you like and makes you enough money to survive. You might want quality relationships with family and friends. You might want a happy relationship with a significant other. You might want material goods like a car, or a house, or a computer. You might want success, you might want to be liked or adored by others, you might want to make a difference in the world. You might want knowledge, you might want power, you might want joy and happiness.

Think about this for a moment, and answer this question, "What do you want?"

Okay, I know what I want. What's Next?

Now, I want you to ask yourself a follow up question, "Why do I want the things that I want?"

Now, this is going to tell you about yourself. This answer tells you about your value system and your beliefs that shape your reality.

Let me give you an example. I want to inspire people. I want to help people connect to their higher purpose. I want to show people how to fall in love with their Earthly experience and understand that they are each here for a special and unique reason. I want to help people step into their personal power in order to actualize their dreams.

Then I ask myself, "Why is this what I want?" And the answer to this is: I have an innate gift within me, given to me by the Infinite Creator. This gift is the gift of spreading joy, of inspiration, of dredging up in another person their feelings of empowerment. I receive a great deal of happiness out of watching people's true love of the world become activated. For me, it makes me feel like the whole planet is rising up into a higher space of love and activation. I believe that this is my purpose. Connecting to this goal of mine is the channel by which I change the world for the better. Through inspiration, I am able to use my gifts for the Greater Good. This is how I do the Great Work.

I feel whole when I am able to teach people about these truths:

  1. You are a unique blueprint and have a unique soul and purpose

  2. You chose to come here to Earth to use your gifts for the betterment of society and improvement of the world

  3. You are Divinely LOVED and SUPPORTED by the universe and Divine Creator

  4. You are forgiven, you are whole, and you are important.

  5. You are here to learn and grow and expand your consciousness so that you can evolve as a soul and so that we as a collective can evolve as a species

And I might even go a step deeper, and ask myself again, "Why is this so important to me?"

And the answer to that is: I have personal REAL experiences that have happened to me that have shown me the truth of these matters. I've had out of body experiences, I've traveled to other dimensions, I've communicated with my guides and I've seen how our existence is MUCH larger than what we experience in our normal waking lives. Through the activation of our higher consciousness, we tap into the power of our minds. Then we SEE how much more we can accomplish than what we've been "told" in our lives. We are consistently brainwashed to believe we are powerless. I've communicated with beings of a higher intelligence that showed me directly that we have the power to communicate telepathically. I've learned on a deep intrinsic level that we have keys to unlock our co-creative power that will catapult this planet's evolution to the next level.

I've not only had my own experiences with the super physical realms that demonstrated there's a LOT more going on around here than what meets the eye, but I know through a world of educational materials published since the beginning of recorded history, we are here living a spiritual journey. We are multi-dimensional beings living a three dimensional experience.

Why is this so important to me? Well, because in my opinion it's quite literally the most important mission on the planet that I have the capacity to accomplish. It's my highest calling.  And the beautiful thing is, every SINGLE person in the world has this too. Every person has that answer, that KEY within them that will unlock the door to their true soul. Your beautiful soul has tremendous potential that once set free, will harness the infinite powers of the universe and change the planet.

So I will ask again, what do you want? And why do you want that? And why is that the answer?

Next, let's shift back to hope.

Hope is step one. You've uncovered the depths of your hopes, your dreams, your DEEP desires that come from inside the core of your heart.

The next level is: what are you doing to actualize that goal? This is where the second category of the meaning of "hope" comes into play.

To recap, hope has two categories:

  • Something that you want to manifest for your future

  • The feeling of hope and wonderment that you connect to in order to help you get through your day

We talked about hopes and dreams. Now let's discuss the feeling of hope and wonderment that you connect to in order to help you get through your day. This is the KEY to actualizing those dreams. Connect to that deep understanding that you have of the universe. You KNOW in your heart that you are WORTHY of actualizing your dreams. You are more worthy than you'll ever know. You are loved so deeply, so truly, so exponentially, the sheer magnitude of that truth is overwhelming.

Connect to this.

Now it's time to start building a plan of action for achieving your goals! First, you connect to the understanding of your intrinsic motivations. Then you build a case for what you want to accomplish in this Earthly experience. Then you create a plan for how to actualize your dreams.

If you are looking for one-on-one coaching on how to do this, you might feel called to book a session with me.

I am 100 percent dedicated to help the souls of this planet connect to their divine truth.

Deeper Truth

One thing I feel compelled to mention is the polarity of existence. The opposite of hope is fear. And when connecting to your goals and dreams, it's important to assess your fears too. When you ask yourself what you're afraid of, it can help temper you, help you focus, so that you can refine your ideas to really solidify your dreams. When you take the time to philosophize and build a case around what you want, taking into consideration your fears is paramount. This is the inner "shadow" work. And the beautiful thing is, when you go into the basement of your soul, and look at those shadows right in the face, you can actually turn your light of conscious awareness to those shadows. Love and nurture the shadows until they are transmuted.

The truth is, shadow work isn't easy. (This ain't called the "Great Work" for nothing, folks.) Shadow work stands in the way of you actualizing your dreams. But do you want to know what the beautiful part is? Doing the shadow work helps you SEE your dreams even clearer than before. It's a PROCESS. It's a journey. And we aren't perfect. We can't see everything in front of us. Not being able to see beyond the "veil" was built into this experience for a reason. Hint: The existence of the "veil" generates the existence of the "leap of faith." (Another inherent polarity.)

I'll be the first to tell you, I've been on this journey now for 30 years. It's long and it's arduous. I don't have everything figured out. But I will tell you that I spend time every day focusing on the actualization of my dreams. It's been a wild ride and a long a winding road, and I've ended up in a much different place than when I began. But it's the HOPE that carried me through. It was my connection to my faith and understanding that no matter how hard I fell and no matter how dark the abyss was, I would keep going and keep shining my light of consciousness. Without our fears, there would be no need for hope. There would only be homeostasis. And in this experience?

Polarity is a LAW. Polarity exists so that we can tell the difference between one thing and another. It gives us a CHOICE. We have the innate gift of free will. We have been given the choice to choose. The choice creates the space of transformation. It's all about the cycle and the journey. Through going deep into the abyss and facing our fears, we take the leap of faith that actually carries us through to the light of Hope and Bliss.


From the bottom of my heart, I sit in a space of Hope.

I hope with all of my being that each and every person on this realm of existence will find their true purpose, and understand the depths of love that shines out for them. I hope that each individual soul discovers their connection to Source, that thing that sparks their soul, that catalyzes and changes them. I hope that each soul on this planet aligns with their dreams and builds their castle of wonder. I believe that deep down those of us who are aligned with the Great Light HOPE for the exact same thing. A perfect Earth. Now we move out of hope as an external idea floating around in the Aether, and internalize that idea! Internalization of hope builds a case for creating that dream. We connect to it and now we ACTUALIZE that dream. We build it every moment. We build it today. We build it right now.

What will you do to connect to your dreams today?

-Teresa Yanaros

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