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Decoding the Mystery: Stepping into The World of Fae

by Arielle Wolfe Fritz, July 10th, 2020

What are fairies and why do so many ancient cultures speak of tales of these supernatural beings?

In this riveting introduction to the realm of fairies, get ready to be transported into the world of Fae. We will be taking a look at some of the tales of folklore and diving into some questions regarding humankind's obsession with these ethereal beings as seen throughout history in nearly every corner of the world. From eyewitness accounts to ancient legends and superstition, we will be covering some intriguing and magical stories that tell of these mysterious and puzzling creatures known as Fairies.

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The Fairies were beings that, in many ancient societies, were believed to don supernatural and magical abilities and the ability to move freely from the human world to the world of Fae. From a sociological standpoint, the belief in these beings shaped much of the way that these ancient people lived and how they perceived and made sense of their world. Attributes and intentions of these beings vary from account to account of those who have claimed to have encountered them.

One fact remains true across the many different classifications of fairies; they are a mysterious, proud race and have unpredictable spirits. In this series, we will be diving into a greater understanding of the Fae and an understanding of their place in the psyche of humankind. Journey with me now into the realms of folklore. I invite you to open your minds to the legends that speak of these ethereal beings and decide for yourself, do you believe in Fairies?

"The path that lay before us is one we all must take. The Journey, we make together. As one, the truth awaits us."

-Arielle Wolfe-Fritz

About the Author

Arielle Wolfe-Fritz, a creative writing enthusiast, researches anthropology and folklore. Through her captivating mini-docuseries, collaborations, and multi-media projects, she inspires people across the world to open their minds to the sociological, anthropological, and spiritual aspects of legends and folklore. Arielle is a proud affiliate of Divine Frequency, a network of content creators unified by a common mission to deliver empowering perspectives about online media through multi-media projects. Follow Arielle's main project, Labyrinth Perspective on YouTube and Instagram.


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