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by Teresa Yanaros, May 19, 2020

The idea of spiritual awakening has been explored among many cultures across the world. Grounding into your infinite beingness can catapult you into a state of bliss, improve the lives of others, and, ultimately, advance humanity. [CLICK TO TWEET]

Get Oriented.

Hi everyone, this is Teresa Yanaros at Divine Frequency, and I empower awakening lightworkers. I am an author and degreed journalist with professional expertise in training, coaching, and teaching, and I have a passion for empowerment. By the end of this article, you will understand the meaning of spiritual awakening and the three foundational pillars that comprise this concept.

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Lightworkers are souls called to deliver light and transmute darkness in the world. Reflecting upon the process of spiritual awakening will help you as a budding or seasoned lightworker in fulfilling your mission on this planet. Flow with this material until the very end to make sure that you capture and integrate all of the important information. All right, let's dive right in! #MERMAIDLIFE

Spiritual Awakening: Meaning

Spiritual awakenings occur when a person begins to realize that they are not their unconscious programmed beliefs, emotions, and behaviors. We are aware of our thoughts, and therefore, we are not our thoughts. We are aware of our emotions, and therefore we are not our emotions. We are aware of our behaviors, and therefore we are not our behaviors. A spiritual awakening is an instantaneous connection to the soul reality.

"Spiritual awakening... involves opening the heart center. It’s a process... closely associated with one’s psychology, the emotional body, and the soul."

- Scott Jeffrey, "Spiritual Awakening Signs"

When you go through a spiritual awakening, you are "waking up" from soul slumber into a new higher plane of consciousness. You start to perceive yourself and the world around you differently than before, with an attitude of abundance, innocence, and joy. You are becoming aware of how things truly are. This occurs in layers and cycles across a lifetime. When the soul wakes up to its existence, the matrix starts to fall away and you begin to connect to your authentic essence.

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The Three Pillars of Spiritual Awakening

Grasping these three crucial aspects of spiritual awakening will bring this concept into a clearer focus and might even assist you in connecting to your unique personal life mission with better effectiveness and clarity.

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Having a holistic bird's eye perspective of the concept of spiritual awakening might give you deeper insights into past, present, and future awakenings. Those of you who are called into teaching might use this information to assist others along their spiritual journeys. Let's begin.

1 - The Veil of Forgetting.

In this world, in this current life you are living, there is a veil in place. This is sometimes referred to as the veil of forgetting. When your soul comes into the world, you experience soul amnesia. As a child, and sometimes even into adulthood, you are unaware of your soul reality, or your infinite nature, or connection to God.

Symbolically, the veil represents separation. In marriage, a veil is worn over the face and then lifted before a kiss to signify the two souls becoming one. In the case of Jesus' death, the veil at the holy temple was torn in two, signifying the elimination of conscious separation between God and man, the institution of a new order wherein each soul was invited into conscious divine union with God, and the human body became the temple of the divine and had access to God immediately and fully through communion with this knowledge and understanding of Oneness. This demonstrated (through introducing the concept into human consciousness) that all humanity was one body, connected and grafted together by Christ, the logos, the physical manifestation of the unseen God. All is connected.

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The veil of forgetting is experienced as a deep feeling of separation. This is multidimensional. On a personal level, you might feel deeply separated from aspects of yourself. Collectively, the parts of your consciousness that you deny and reject is known as the shadow self. On an interpersonal level, the veil is experienced as a feeling of separation from others. This aspect of the veil manifests itself as feelings of selfishness, victimization, aggression, enjoyment of causing pain to others, and the desire to manipulate and control. On a metaphysical level, the veil is experienced as anger toward God, deep feelings of spiritual abandonment, anger about current life circumstances, obsession with the physical world, disbelief in God, and overall frustration at being here on the planet.

OPINION ALERT: Now, the veil is experienced in different ways according to each individual soul. It is my personal belief that each aspect of the veil is present in our lives as an opportunity to reveal the nature of God to us. I do not believe that people who don't believe in a higher power "go to hell." I think that's a ridiculously low-fi expression that completely fails to capture the nature of spiritual reality. And honestly, in this day and age, we need new life breathed into these concepts to assist the next generation with orienting themselves into this existence. And that is what I am attempting to do here. We all have our lanes, and there are different ways, perspectives, lexicons, and islands of thought that will resonate and assist each soul. We are all pieces of a gigantic cosmic puzzle. I'm not saying that I think there are "many ways to God," I am saying that I think there is one way to God, and the idea of separation is in itself a distorted way of perceiving the path toward Source. I think that regardless of religious beliefs, each soul is directly called into communion with the Divine at all times. This concept is constant and transcends all language and belief systems. It's a universal law. The interplay between each soul and Source is a constant unveiling of the truth. We do not understand everything right now, and it's quite literally meant to be that way. So we can all take a deep breath and stop pointing fingers and getting triggered when people don't believe what we believe or see the value in "our way," and instead practice acceptance, release, and non-attachment. This space of stillness is actually our portal to Source and reminds us of the universal constant which animates and sustains us. The veil of forgetting is a powerful tool that is constantly flowing around each person as they go through their iterations of coming into deeper states of conscious awareness. Which brings us to #2.

2 - The Moment of Remembering.

So let me ask you a question. If the veil represents separation, then what does the lifting of the veil represent? The answer is unification. The insertion of a veil is a barrier. What follows insertion is removal.

At some point in your life, you experience a deep sense of remembering. What exactly are you remembering? You are remembering where you came from and who you are. And the truth is, there is actually only an illusion of separation between you and All that is. You get glimpses of this interconnectedness through love experienced with family and friends. The initial soul wound you experienced when coming into this world made you feel, on a soul level, abandoned. But your initial awakening experience was the moment you remembered that you were not lost, you were not abandoned, and that you are forever and eternally and always connected to God. The thing about this life is, there are laws in place, fueling our expansion as souls. We have free will as an individuated aspect of the Creator. We are the divine creation, living out individual reflections in a pool of the Allness, within the mind of God.

We can choose whether we want to acknowledge, accept, nurture, and continually ignite the flame of our soul connection to Source, or we can deny its connection and stifle our own growth and maturation process.

When you go through a spiritual awakening, you are going through an iteration of that veil being lifted. Think about it as a murky substance that prevents you from seeing clearly. This substance is extremely thick at first, and as you go through moments of awakening, this substance dissipates more and more as you wake up. Think of it as a mist decreasing in gradation as your consciousness becomes more coherent. The veil is lifted in stages until you are standing fully in your authentic nature, as a fully realized child of God. This state is called being sanctified or perfected in the eyes of God.

We currently live in a time of imperfection, much like a soul training ground.

"For now [in this time of imperfection] we see in a mirror dimly [a blurred reflection, a riddle, an enigma], but then [when the time of perfection comes we will see reality] face to face. Now I know in part [just in fragments], but then I will know fully, just as I have been fully known [by God]."

- 1 Corinthians 13:12

This time of imperfection is paramount because it's teaching us as souls how to tap into our authentic selves, which is revealed to us by the Creator as we connect to the ultimate truth, which is Oneness. Which brings us to #3.

3 - Universal Law of Unification

In this world, we are constantly pummeled by propaganda that seeks to reinforce the veil of forgetting. Subliminal messages constantly seeded into our minds via unconscious media are centered around the ideas of lack, fear, and separation. These messages reverberate throughout your mind, telling you that you need to compete with each other to get ahead, you must rise above another to get the resources you need to survive, you are lacking in physical abundance, and you need to consume. The list goes on, all messages focused on keeping your consciousness locked upon the world and the physical things inside it. Allow these noisy ideas to float away.

Stop for a moment and realize that you are alive. You are literally a divine miracle. You are eternal. None of this surface-level information should bear any weight, as the impact pales in comparison with the infinite nature of your consciousness.

"Only one thing is continuous, staying with us no matter what is happening: Consciousness. By its very nature consciousness is here and now. Consciousness has no divisions, units, or dimensions."

- Deepak Chopra, "How To See Reality Clearly"

All of the messages that tell you that you are separated from others is just a simulated reality, a false matrix, a projection trying to distract you and get you to buy into the fear, lack, and separation.

When you let this go, it's as though a weight is lifted. You can even feel this physically! It's interesting because this is quite literally a spiritual weight to be lifted that carries physical symptoms. When you realize that you are an individuated infinite soul, tethered together with all others, connected across all space and time and dimensions, you become joyous, happy, and free. Welcome home, liberated sage. This is when the true soul work can begin. The weight of the world is gone, the veil is starting to lift, and you start to perceive higher thoughts that propel your focus and desires into a realm where you want to help others, change the world, and assist in bringing out your unique gifts and talents to the world in a way that benefits others.

The vibration of Source is the most coherent of all. As we align with the Creator, we become more coherent ourselves. Fear and lack are extremely incoherent, which is why disease will form in the body of a person plagued by these incoherent thoughts and emotions. Love is coherent and brings you into a state of holistic health. The systems of your body actually work more effectively, bringing you into a healthy state of mind, body, and spirit.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, a prolific researcher, and author, has spent years proving that through connecting to love, we bring our bodies into health and wellness.

"Time and again our research has demonstrated how, after just four days of opening your heart (activating your fourth energy center, which you do by feeling heart-centered elevated emotions), something extraordinary happens. The body starts naturally releasing an antibody made from your immune cells (white blood cells) called Immunoglobulin A (IgA). We have witnessed and scientifically measured how, in less than one week, we can strengthen our immune system—without the use of any exogenous substance—by as much as 50%."

- Dr. Joe Dispenza, "Boosting Your Immune System With Love"

Awakening is experienced differently among all people. There might be a person who doesn't perceive spiritual awakening as such, but they might have a sudden inspiration go into a field such as teaching and they are highly motivated to help inspire others to improve the world. Spiritual awakenings are unique to the experiencer, while at the same time the concept of spiritual awakening is actually a call home to each individual soul. A call into a realization of oneness. A call into remembrance of the divine current that connects us all. This call is the voice of God, beckoning to each child, calling them Home.

We are all connected and unified through the quantum field. This field is called many different names. The Holy Spirit, the unified field of consciousness, the field of infinite potentiality, the akashic records, and the collective consciousness, to name a few.

In truth, the more you accept and acknowledge the divine connection between the All, the more your soul expands into new dimensions of beingness. When you switch your mindset out of physical lack, competition for resources, and the feeling that you are unaffected by and have no effect upon others, you turn on your heart. Your heart center begins to open up. Instead of your energy field suffering from contraction, your mind from unreceptivity, and your heart from coldness, you switch into a receptive state. Your body becomes an energy capacitor, you start receiving and taking in divine energy, your mind becomes a sponge, and your heart becomes warm. Your soul ignites. This is you, tapping into the Divine Frequency. You start to remember that you actually have a higher purpose.

You Have a Higher Purpose.

If you are reading this article, you are likely a lightworker yourself (someone called to bring light into this realm and transmute darkness). You might understand on an intrinsic level that you have a higher calling. Maybe you know exactly what that is, maybe not. Either way, if you are an awakening lightworker, I can help you along your path of discovery.

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"All around us are pieces of the gigantic cosmic puzzle. Let's attune to its Frequency."

-Teresa Yanaros, Divine Frequency

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Teresa Yanaros, a journalist and published author, inspires thousands with uplifting thoughts and perspectives through her multi-media project Divine Frequency. A spiritual seeker and researcher, Teresa leverages her professional certification in life coaching and degree in journalism to assist awakening souls to accept their own personal spiritual connection, avoid spiritual traps, to ground into self-acceptance and divine exchange, and to bring their own unique soul gifts into the world.


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