Quantum Physics Explained in Under 12 Minutes

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

by Teresa Yanaros, April 20th, 2020

We live in a Quantum Universe, and here is the science explained.

Quantum Universe | SCIENCE EXPLAINED! //

In this docuseries, we break down the definitions of quantum physics, quantum theory, the quantum realm, and quantum mechanics. Here, you’ll see quantum physics explained, along with the double-slit experiment. Learn about double-slit interference, history of quantum mechanics, history of quantum physics, Thomas Young, and the Thomas Young double-slit experiment, as well as JJ Thomson and the JJ Thomson experiment.

Brought to you by Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency.

About The Author

Teresa Yanaros, a degreed journalist with a passion for uncovering the truth, has dedicated her life to investigating images and messages received through media outlets. From a young age, she has researched and presented news media though print and began Divine Frequency in 2016 to expand her reach through multi-media.

After writing a book investigating the phenomenon of modern American online spiritualism, she traveled across America, giving speeches and practical workshops on how to analyze and synthesize information. From archetypal studies to advanced truth-seeking, Teresa has presented research in areas of American pop culture, supernatural and paranormal studies, theology, and anthropology of online sub-cultures, including UFOlogy and conspiracist communities.

Because of Teresa's experience with seeing just how deep the rabbit holes of online culture go, she is devoted to understanding the media effects of online subcultures upon their communities. 

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