Retired USAF Supervisor Tells All: 'UFO Lands' In UK Forest in 1980

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

by Teresa Yanaros, June 22th, 2020

Rendlesham Forest UFO: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED with Jim Penniston

It's time you knew about the Rendlesham Forest UFO. Jim Penniston tells what really happened in Rendlesham Forest in 1980, on twin bases RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters.

We are talking British Roswell, the UK Area 51. This is a real ufo sighting. Along with UFO conspiracy and a real UFO cover-up, Jim, retired AF, discusses conspiracy theories, time travel, a time travel REAL story, and surmises about time travel in real life.

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BUY THE BOOK The Rendlesham Enigma: Book 1: Timeline by Jim Penniston and Gary Osbourne

The Rendlesham Forest Incident of December 1980, is considered by far the most significant event in UFO history. It was also a unique military-related event, having taken place in Rendlesham Forest just outside the twin bases of RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk, England – both of which had been transferred to the United States Air Force in 1951 by the British MOD (Ministry of Defence), becoming one of the largest and most important NATO complexes in Europe during the Cold War. The account given in this book is that of James W. Penniston, a Staff Sergeant at the time of the incident, who was the primary witness who led the investigation in the beginning and had ‘Top-Secret clearance’ – one of only eight people with Top-Secret clearance working Security at the twin bases. His credibility and honesty were highly respected throughout his years in the USAF. Jim Penniston has teamed-up with author Gary Osborn to present the definitive account of the Rendlesham Incident and the aftermath of events, just as he witnessed and experienced them from the incident itself, which began during the early morning hours of Boxing Day, December 26, 1980 up to April 2014.


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