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From Which Culture Did Fairy Folklore Originate?

by Arielle Wolfe-Fritz, July 24th, 2020

Where did the idea of Fairies come from and where did the stories of these magical folk originate?

Fairy Origins

In this exciting 3rd episode of the series 'Fairy Folklore' we will be talking a little bit about the ancient people of Ireland that the Fae are said to be descendants of; speculating on who these people were and what folklore tells us about them. The Celtic people have many names for the Fae and the origins of these 'Fair Folk,' as fairies are sometimes called, is said to be traced back to the arrival of ancient, magical beings known as the Tuatha De Dannan.

These people in Irish folklore were said to be otherworldly beings that, as mysteriously as they appeared, were said to have disappeared, supposedly isolating themselves in the wild places of Ireland and transforming over time into the Fae that we speak of to this day. Who were the Tuatha de Dannan really, and where did they come from?

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There is one dauntingly mysterious figure that has made its presence known throughout the U.K. for centuries. He is the Greenman. This god of the forest. Usually represented in artwork as the face of a man surrounded by various forms of vegetation, this Greenman was a highly important figure in pagan tradition. Although some believe that he was a representation of the melding of man and nature, others uphold the belief that he is a true entity; an ever-present, ever watchful spirit of the forest and the wild places of the world.

This Greenman is often seen carved into the stone architecture of medieval churches throughout much of the U.K., but the question is, why would the Christians have incorporated artwork depicting this pagan God into their houses of worship? That is a question that we may never know the answer to, but in this episode of 'Fairy Folklore,' we will be taking a look at one theory as to why the architects of the time felt that the Greenman had a place in the walls of the churches of England. We will also be talking briefly about a bit of Germanic lore surrounding some elusive Fae beings known as the Elves and asking ourselves, with so many stories of Fairies and otherworldly creatures coming out of Ireland alone, can we truly be sure that the Fae are just a figment of the imagination of mankind?

"The path that lay before us is one we all must take. The journey, we make together. As one, the truth awaits us."

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