The Lone Wolf of Paranoid Conspiracy Media

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

by Teresa Yanaros, June 15, 2020

Climbing the mountain was an arduous journey...

I placed one foot in front of the other, fighting gravity as the steep incline beckoned me forward. I focused on the sound of my breath as my lungs worked tirelessly to pump the air in and out of my chest.

I reached the precipice and stopped to take in the view.

I took a deep breath in, and let it out slowly, letting my heart rate settle. I stood on the summit and looked out across the stream at my feet. I wondered where the stream originated from as my line of sight snaked across it into the distance and out of sight.

Suddenly, a dark shadow to my left. I turned my head to see a black bear step up onto the landing, looking agitated and hungry. Then more black shapes from different places on the mountain top, seemingly ready to zero in on me. One, two, three, four, five. Five bears, all angry and getting angrier every second.

I looked around me trying to access the best course of action. I could go back down the mountain but surely they would follow.

The Wolf

Before I could think anything else, an enormous wolf appeared on my right, just beyond the stream, perched upon a great rock.

Everything seemed to halt like a stopwatch. Everything was momentarily suspended from motion. The sounds of the growling bears ceased. My heart even seemed to stop beating.

The only thing that moved were the hairs on the back of the wolf, which moved slowly in waves, pulsating out from around him with rhythm and flow. A majestic aethereal glow came from the black beast. It was at least four times the size of the black bear. I had never seen a wolf this size. It was so terrifying that the bears were completely knocked out of their senses. No anger toward me was left inside them. They could now only focus on the majesty of the lone wolf.

The wolf stood fearlessly on the rock, its gaze piercing into the sky around us. It seemed to have ancient energy about it, a wisdom that extended from long ago and cast forward into the future. There was a timelessness here. Although the bears were now completely engulfed by the presence of the wolf, I was highly aware that the wolf could very well be a greater danger to me than a pack of bears.

Time shifted back into normal, and I ran behind a large boulder next to me. I placed my back against the warm stone and wondered how long I would live. Would this wolf be the end of me? There was no way out other than down. But I was no match for a supernatural wolf, was I? Surely his gaze penetrated even through this boulder behind which I cowered.

The House

The scene shifted and I was running full sprint down a road of a small town at the base of the mountain. People followed behind in close pursuit. I told them about the wolf and the bears and explained that we must get inside and hide. I knew that they were coming after us.

We ran into a house. It was fully empty. I looked around for something to barricade the doors, but there was nothing to use. After reaching the back room I had counted three total windows in the house. I opened the two windows in this room and explained that if the beasts got in, our own hope would be to climb out to escape. These two windows were too small to fit through, so I knew that there was no hope there. I opened them anyway to at least let the air in from outside. I was feeling suffocated and helpless, and even some illusion of freedom provided some small comfort to me as I prepared to be eaten alive.

I walked back into the central area of the house. The third window was here, and luckily big enough for an adult to fit through. Unfortunately, it was in the main room so if the beasts got in, they would surely be able to observe the escape and make their move. Not ideal, but all that we had. We would wait it out and hope for the best.

The Festival

The scene shifted and I was standing outside in the town square. I guess the threat of the beasts was lifted. I watched the townsfolk sing and converse in small groups while families ate and walked around to look at art exhibits and vendor tents. A small group was in the middle playing music as people watched and joined in the singing.

I stood on the outskirts with my group that were previously with me inside the house. Although everything looked happy and light, there was a sense of danger underneath the surface of which those outside my group were unaware.

I scanned the outside of the festival for signs of danger and noticed a suspicious pathway leading away from the festivities. I watched a couple of people break off from the celebration, look around them to see if they were noticed, and then slink off down the dark corridor.

The Dark Corridor

I slowly started walking toward the direction of the path. As I reached the passage and took a few steps forward I noticed the air shifted and became slightly cooler as the sounds of the carnival drifted away. There was unintelligible graffiti splattered across the walls that looked like they had been constructed just for this evening. I didn't know what I would find but something told me it was secretive, and I was not going to be welcome.

I suddenly knew deep down that these people were fascinated by deep conspiracy, and had become obsessed with the notion of evil everywhere, and had reached a level of intense paranoia and inability to connect with anyone outside their circle. They had built a fortress of ideology and were reinforcing that through the continued obsession with finding patterns in random pieces of information. Their delusion was growing and gaining in power as they got further and further away from society and logical constructs of meaning.

I turned a ninety-degree corner to the right to see a twenty-foot long corridor lined by constructed walls. I saw a person perched at the top of the far corner, as though the walls were lined by a fortress-like walkway above. They had built it like this so they could see who was coming in and out.

The person hadn't noticed me yet. I also knew that this was not a pathway that I wanted to continue going down. I knew that the paranoid conspiracy mindset was deleterious and the people who perpetuated these circles drew unsuspecting victims into a rabbit hole of lies. They preyed upon people. I knew this and did not want to get looped up in the tempest.

A Nefarious Plot Discovered

I quickly did an about-face and walked back toward the festival. I went back into the house and pulled out my laptop. I did some digging and found a web site where the people hosting the secret party were advertising their private event. Then I found an online video made by the host and hit play.

A mixed-race man in his thirties started speaking about how he created the event and how to get in. I watched in shock as the text of my mother's first and last name was plastered across the bottom of the video. He had bought the domain of her first and last name to shield himself from any liability of the operation he was running. He seemed very pleased with himself.

Rage started to form in the pit of my stomach. I felt completely violated and worried about the safety of my family.