by Teresa Yanaros, April 2, 2020


This post is meant to stimulate reflection and introspection. I don’t have all the answers and I do consistently encourage independent thinking. I am not a guru. I am like you. I have a passion for empowerment. I accept all people for who they are. My mission is to inspire others to revel in the truth that they have a divine connection to Source and are living a unique and divine life. I am a researcher, seeker, and a unique soul on a unique journey. I invite you to come along with me, as we open our hearts and minds to revel in the unknown and embrace the mystery of this divine experience together.

Thank you.


What is a light code?

A light code is an information transfer from different densities of consciousness. Light codes come through art, music, spoken word, and many other ways, and can be transmitted from human to human through communication.

During this time, many souls are being activated and are overflowing with creative energies. I am seeing so many people tapping into their unique flow states and bringing forth so much incredible art, music, creative products, and life. Now is a wonderful time to come together and celebrate life, to bridge the light, and step forward with love as we go through this tumultuous global purge.

This light code is multi-dimensional, holding different pathways and threads of consciousness, and communicates different information depending on the current soul state and vibrational frequency matching to bridge and accept the transfer.

Light Code by Teresa Yanaros, April 1, 2020

People are receiving many different messages from this piece of art. So far, I’ve learned that some souls recognized intelligent infinity, others musical vibrations, transformational healing, or jubilance and carefree bliss. 

What did I receive from this code?

Peace and infinite beauty, and the understanding that the Creator’s perfect design is present within and intertwines all parts of Creation. This divine pattern can be recognized as all systems of the creation can be superimposed and studied in order to see the Oneness in all things, held together by Christ Light.

I call this particular light code, “Minara Light Clef.”

Sound and light frequency are intertwined; interconnected, as are all things, and can be transposed from one to the other.

The glyphs are embedded light forms informing the data transfer.

This is a piece of light frequency sheet music, a light clef creating a musical symphony.

As humans interact and interface with art, frequencies enter the cellular domain and can evoke activations.

We Are Conduits of Christ Light.

As light and sound are connected by divine design, we are connected to the Creator by Christ, who interposed his precious blood in order to reconcile us to God.


There are stages of awareness of what was completed through Christ, and I believe that Jesus Christ is the physical manifestation of the invisible Creator, who came to reveal Oneness to us through his life, death, and resurrection.

I do not think that people who do not confess with their mouths that “Jesus is Lord” go to “hell.” I think that is a low-fi assertion that does not fully encompass the metaphysical transformation that occurs by faith in Christ. Moreover, I think many incorrectly assume that faith means believing in fairy tales (which it’s not, it’s actually a confident expectation of eternal life based on the truth of our eternal nature). I think human authoritarian belief structures have bastardized the Life and Light and Way that was illuminated through Christ. I believe Christ transcends authoritarian man-made belief systems altogether.

In order to reach people who are not of “Churchianity,” I am diving into these concepts using different language than some might understand, and I know that some “Christians” might call me a heretic for saying certain things. My intention here is to BRIDGE some gaps that I see very clearly, issues with “Churchian” thinking, and issues with non-Christian thinking.

I believe that Christ is the LIFE that undergirds all of reality and holds it all together. We have life in Christ. We are reconciled to God through Christ, the physical manifestation of the invisible God.

Some people who don’t consider themselves “Christian” actually HAVE received Christ in their hearts, because they have received his transmission of light that he brought into the world. I believe that people go through stages of understanding this.

I believe God reveals to us in many ways and stages.

God knows the hearts.

If a person lives a life consciously and following the tenants and teachings Christ brought but did not consider themselves Christian nor confessed with their mouths that Jesus Christ is Lord, it does not actually mean they weren’t a true Christian. (I know this is considered “heretical,” but ultimately it’s exhausting to see so many different assertions as a matter of perspective on these different things anyway, and serves to emphasize the point that humanity doesn’t have this whole thing figured out, so people should chill and open up and listen to each other instead of yelling the word heretic at one another.) This is what I believe.

I had a deep revelation of Christ at 32, which does not mean that I wasn’t a “Christian” before. At 32, I became deeply AWARE of my Christianhood.

This whole journey is a series of experiences of “waking up” to the truth.

All kinds of things can be true, we are just unaware of them.

For our personal experience, sometimes we think the truth is what we are aware of. But that’s not true.

Truth is true no matter if we are aware of it or not.

I was born into this realm a spiritual being having a human experience. Outside the realm of time, I was already reconciled to Christ. In a quantum state, I was already at Source. To describe it in “time,” I came from there and will be there one day. Eternally, I am a unique soul blueprint, created and cherished and loved by the Creator.

In this lifetime, God was revealed to me in stages, and will continue to be revealed to me as I walk the path of selfless love.

This path I understand more by walking with Christ, as I did before I even understood that is what I was doing.

Christ transcends our limited reality, this veil beyond which we only receive glimpses.

We are divinely protected and loved by God. Meanwhile, the deep desire to follow God awakens in our hearts over and over and fills us up with a passion for walking in selflessness toward Source.

How Do We Bring Christ Light?

By accepting our Unity and Oneness. We must see others as reflections of ourselves and love others as we love ourselves, as we are the Community of God. This is what Jesus Christ did in this realm.

He came as a revelation by God that separation is an illusion. Believing the lie of separation is what draws us to sin, tempts us to stray from the Narrow Path, and walk away from the Light. Jesus loves every single person exactly where they are, who they are, and everything they are. This means that there is nothing you can “do” to receive God’s love, it just “is.” Separation from God’s love is an illusion that when believed, takes you off the Path.

When we accept, surrender to, and believe in Oneness, we are activated and brought into the Kingdom. This is what Christ not only taught but actualized through his death and resurrection.

We receive that Oneness through the divine reconciliation that occurred.

This can be perceived outside of space and time. Metaphysically, this event transcended space/time and was applied to all universes, known and unknown.

The Creator, manifesting as the Created, fully God and fully man, overpowered the lie of separation, and demonstrated that through Oneness, we die in the physical realm and are reborn as infinite beings, One with the Creator and all Creation.

This liberation occurs through LOVE.

Selfless love, which is the indicator that we actually believe. If you are in a state of selfless love and surrender to the divine plan that unfolds, and freely give the self to love the other, you ARE a true Christian. You ARE a true disciple of Christ.

It’s not through your actions that make you a true “Christian,” it’s because you’ve:

  • Accepted Christ, which is the same as

  • Accepting Oneness, which is the same as

  • Surrendering to the Divine Plan, which allows you to

  • Receive the Divine Spirit, and

  • Ground into the divine protection that envelops you.

All of this allows you to know/understand the truth, which evokes the desire in you to live your life to help others as yourself because you see them as part of you.

It’s because of the transformation that occurred inside you that you are able to see past the veil which gives you the desire to live your life accordingly.

Humans tend to overthink and get caught up in distortions and semantics, and tertiary, ancillary issues that have nothing to do with the true message upon which we must remain tethered.

We are NOT alone. We are NOT separated. We have NOT been abandoned by our Creator. We are called into divine communion with God at all times. God is revealed to us in stages. Keep your heart open in surrender to love and deeply desire a personal connection with the Creator, and God will be revealed to you.

Duality is inherent inside this current experience.

Most things we discuss are multi-dimensional and have many layers of truth. A statement can be true while there are also many other dimensions above and below and in-between the statement that can also be true. The statements above can be true while other facets that have not been stated are also true. Being able to perceive communication as multi-dimensional will allow you to accept things and not be resistant to them, while also being able to continue to receive more information and synthesize concepts in new ways. This is because God is revealed to us in layers and stages.

We are called into Divine Communion with our Creator. 

When we share and give freely to others, we initiate the next level of bringing Christ Light into the world. To treat our brothers and sisters as ourselves, we make a practice out of seeing past the veil, to lock our eyes onto that which is unseen. The reality that supersedes the matrix illusion. The truth that we are infinite in Christ who broke the chains and opened the door for the Light to pour into our realm, washing us over with heart-knowledge and drawing our souls toward the doorway to eternal life. 

“This is my commandment, that you love and unselfishly seek the best for one another, just as I have loved you. No one has greater love nor stronger commitment than to lay down his own life for his friends.” JOHN 15:12-13

We are conduits of Christ light. We bring this energy into the physical realm by loving others unselfishly, just as Christ loved us. It is all interconnected. The Creator made us special and gave us a mission to share this Light with each other.

“If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you. My Father is glorified and honored by this, when you bear much fruit, and prove yourselves to be my true disciples. I have loved you just as the Father has loved me; remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and remain in his love. I have told you these things so that my joy and delight may be in you, and that your joy may be made full and complete and overflowing.” JOHN 15:7-11

You are not of the world, divine child.

You are a Child of God.

God has overcome the world. Focus on the things that are unseen, keep your eyes elevated, for our life is eternal in Christ.

We are One, together in God, who lives and reigns over all. 

We sit in a deep sense of overwhelming gratitude for the life that has been gifted to us, and the love that has been shown to give us this beautiful divine experience.

We keep our eyes locked on the higher truths that supersede the illusion of separation, and rejoice in the truth that we are One being through the Father, who created and loves us so much.

Jesus said to God before he was glorified,

“They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. Sanctify them in the truth [set them apart for your purposes, make them holy]; Your word is truth. Just as you commissioned and sent me into the world, I also have commissioned and sent them into the world.” JOHN 17:16-18

The divine commission came from the invisible Creator, to the incarnated God in the physical, to us, humans, in this particular physical existence on this planet.

We have quite literally been commissioned by God, our Creator, to bring Christ Light, to BE the hands of God on Earth, and to be instruments of peace and to love others so deeply that we would lay down our lives for all. We are all extensions of each other, one in being with the Creator.

“For their sake I sanctify myself [to do your will], so that they also may be sanctified in your truth. I do not pray for these alone but also for all those who will ever believe and trust in me through their message, that THEY ALL MAY BE ONE; just as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they may believe without any doubt that You sent me.” JOHN 17:19-21

We are called to ACT AS ONE. To move as a single unit in the Spirit. To transcend the illusion of the lie of separation.

Every person is a mirror reflection, another unique created spark walking this path toward Source with you.

How can you show MORE love? How can you lay down your life for your friends?

The capacity to do so lies in the ability to see all as one.

When you give to others, you give to yourself.

You are acting as a divine capacitor to distribute love into this realm.

We are all One.

Tap into joy and gratitude and use this crucial time on the planet to pump the frequency of LOVE out into the world.

Thank you for attuning to the divine frequency.

The light in me recognizes and honors the light in you.

In Christ,

Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency

About The Author

Teresa Yanaros, a journalist and published author, inspires thousands with uplifting thoughts and perspectives through her multi-media project Divine Frequency. A spiritual seeker and researcher, Teresa leverages her professional certification in life coaching and degree in journalism to assist awakening souls to accept their own personal spiritual connection, avoid spiritual traps, to ground into self-acceptance and divine exchange, and to bring their own unique soul gifts into the world.

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