by Teresa Yanaros, April 14, 2020

Lifting The VEIL of ANNOYING Spiritual BARRIERS //

It’s about time that we discuss lifting the veil of these really annoying spiritual barriers. When it comes to what lies beyond the veil, spiritual awakenings spark a deep interest in understanding unity consciousness and quantum consciousness. Quantum physics shows that when we are consciously living within our quantum reality, the spirit world seems to become palpable and the veil thins. Learn about spiritual awakening symptoms, experiences, and even a true ghost story. Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency discusses rising above dissension and infighting and finding common grounds of truth, especially during this 2020 Great Awakening.

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About The Author

Teresa Yanaros, a journalist and published author, inspires thousands with uplifting thoughts and perspectives through her multi-media project Divine Frequency. A spiritual seeker and researcher, Teresa leverages her professional certification in life coaching and degree in journalism to assist awakening souls to accept their own personal spiritual connection, avoid spiritual traps, to ground into self-acceptance and divine exchange, and to bring their own unique soul gifts into the world.

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