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William Butler Yeats and Fairy Encounters in Literature

by Arielle Wolfe-Fritz, August 7th, 2020

If you ever met a fairy, what would you say to them?

As we have learned through the course of this series, the Fae are proud and powerful, magical, and mysterious beings that have eluded the observance of man for centuries, and yet, they remain a huge part of our world. Will we ever know without a doubt that these Fae beings reside just beyond the realm of our sight, moving freely between our world and theirs?

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William Butler Yeats' account of his own meeting with a queen of the fairies is one story that may sway even the most grounded of non-believers. In this gripping series finale, together, we will be transported to the realm of Fae one last time. With an open mind, we will be taking in the words of the respectable writer and poet W.B. Yeats as he tells the tale of his own incredible and almost philosophical encounter with the Fae. Once again, we find ourselves pondering the question: What are the Fairies and what do they truly represent for mankind? Since the moment we were self-aware, mankind has questioned his place in the universe. What we can glean from the words of the Fairy Queen that Yeats encounters, is that the Fae do not bother themselves with such questionings. Their place in the universe is evident by simply being. They are the embodiment of the magic and the mysteries of the cosmos.

We may never truly know if the Fae are a part of reality or if they are simply a fabrication of our human imagination. Though we lack solid evidence to support their existence, there are too many respectable accounts of these otherworldly beings to blatantly disregard the possibility of their existence. These magical tales of folklore that we have covered over the course of this series have been passed down through the ages and they keep us thinking and questioning the nature of our reality and the reality of hidden worlds beyond our own.

I hope that these articles have inspired you to do your own digging, and encouraged you to keep an open mind about the realms of fantasy. May you always find mystery and magic in this world. There is so much about our world that cannot be easily seen or explained and these are the things that have inspired these ancient stories and tales of folklore. These stories keep our imaginations alive and coax our hearts and minds to open up to the possibility that perhaps, beyond the realm of our sight, there is a place that is full of magic. The veil that separates us in body does not separate our souls. We are all the children of nature, the children of the universe.

"The path that lay before us is one we all must take. The journey, we make together. As one, the truth awaits us."

- Arielle Wolfe-Fritz

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