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BREAKING TIMELINE: James O'Keefe Releases Secret Recordings of CNN Leaders Discussing Election

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

by Teresa Yanaros, December 2, 2020

The issues of media propaganda and censorship have reached a fever pitch just in time for new evidence to be handed to the American people. Is CNN doing their due diligence to the general public in reporting the news fairly or attempting to sway public opinion during an election?

The Timeline

The Livestream Surprise For CNN | December 1, 2020 (8 AM CST):

  • James O'Keefe hosted a livestream on Periscope wherein he unmuted himself on a CNN conference call and admitted to CNN President Jeff Zucker that he had been recording two months worth of phone calls secretly.

  • He explained that he intended to release the content.

  • Zucker ceased communications shortly after O'Keefe initiated the conversation.

Project Veritas Intention to Publish | December 1, 2020 (11:43 AM CST):

  • James O'Keefe tweeted to explain that Project Veritas had processed "hundreds of hours of CNN 9am calls" where they were discussing politics and assigning tasks.

  • O'Keefe disclosed that he intended to begin releasing short clips of the content around 7 PM Eastern on December 1, 2020.

  • O'Keefe advertised a new web site that would hold the information:

CNN Notifies Authorities, Threatens Legal Action | December 1, 2020 (4:38 PM CST):


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Jamie Gangel Discusses Trump's Election Claims | December 1, 2020 (6:00 PM CST):

  • O"Keefe began to release the tapes. The first video was released in a tweet that read, "BREAKING: Special Correspondent @JamieGangel Details How @CNN Should Cover Up Trump’s Contested Election Claims On 9am Call."

  • The quote used in the tweet pulled from the video clip was, “News organizations have to be very careful & very responsible about not giving @realDonaldTrump too much of a platform on his not conceding...”

  • O'Keefe retweeted the video at 6:27 PM, stating, "CNN's Zucker equates @realDonaldTrump not conceding and letting the transition go through to what happened when America was attacked on 9/11/2001."

  • A quote used in the tweet pulled from the video clip was, ”I would encourage folks to think about that 9-11 commission report and the lack of transition."

  • Watch the video on YouTube here.

CNN Discusses Emphasizing Trump's Erratic Behavior | December 1, 2020 (7 PM CST):

  • The next video was released in a tweet that read, "BREAKING: @CNN President BLASTS Trump & Republicans on 9am Call with Senior Leadership."

  • A quote used in the tweet that was pulled from the video clip was, "He (@realDonaldTrump ) is acting erratically... I think we need to lean into that..."

  • Another quote pulled was, “If we’ve made any mistake, its been our banners have been too polite…”

  • Watch the video on YouTube here.


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CNN "Slams Tucker Carlson as Racist" | December 1, 2020 (8 PM CST):

  • O'Keefe dropped the next video in a tweet that read, "BREAKING: @CNN Vice President of Global Programming @MarcusMabry SLAMS @FoxNews @TuckerCarlson as Racist."

  • The quote used in the tweet pulled from the video stated, “I think it’s unavoidable that you have to talk about the naked racism of Tucker Carlson…Sort of the “White Supremacy Hour” they have on Fox News every night…”

  • Watch the video on YouTube here.

Correction: Person on Tape Identified as David Vigilante | December 1, 2020 (8:39 PM CST):

  • At 8:39 PM, CNN Communications tweeted, "James & Tucker, the voice you ID’d tonight as “Marcus Mabry” is actually GA resident & CNN General Counsel David Vigilante. We’re certain you’ll want to correct the record and apologize to the Black executive for assuming he was the voice raising concerns over white supremacy."

  • At 9:14 PM, O'Keefe tweeted a correction, "CORRECTION: @CNNPR has just informed @Project_Veritas that the executive on this tape is in fact their GENERAL COUNSEL David Vigilante, not @marcusmabry."

  • O"Keefe also asserted that more tapes would be released soon.

President Donald Trump Joins the Conversation | December 1, 2020 (9 PM CST):

  • Pres. Trump retweeted the video clip with Jamie Gangel's recording.

  • In his retweet, he commented, "Suppression Media!"

Stay Tuned

This morning, December 2, 2020, Project Veritas released the James O'Keefe interview with Sean Hannity wherein they discussed this breaking story.

This is a developing story. Follow Divine Frequency for updates on this issue.

Stay well. Stay vigilant. Stay strong.


About The Author

Teresa Yanaros, a degreed journalist with a passion for uncovering the truth, has dedicated her life to investigating images and messages received through media outlets. From a young age, she has researched and presented news media through print and began Divine Frequency in 2016 to expand her reach through multi-media.

After writing a book investigating the phenomenon of modern American online spiritualism, she traveled across America, giving speeches and practical workshops on how to analyze and synthesize information. From archetypal studies to advanced truth-seeking, Teresa has presented research in areas of American pop culture, supernatural and paranormal studies, theology, and anthropology of online sub-cultures, including UFOlogy and conspiracist communities.

Due to Teresa's experience with seeing just how deep the rabbit holes of online culture go, she is devoted to understanding the media effects of online subcultures upon their communities.

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