"We empower people through 

investigations into the world of online media. All around us are pieces of the gigantic cosmic puzzle."

—  Teresa Yanaros, Founder



Alchemical Key Necklace

Unlock wisdom of your higher self and enjoy this iridescent one-of-a-kind amethyst pendant necklace.

quartz seahorse 2.jpg

Golden Seahorse Bracelet

Flaunt your inner sea spirit with this playful green quartz seahorse bracelet. Handmade with love.

amethyst isis 2.jpg

Amethyst Isis Phone Charm

Clip this charm to your phone, channel the goddess within, and let that amethyst shine!


You are an individuated soul, with a unique set of gifts and talents to bring into the world. Have you heard your heart's calling?


Your voice is imperative to be heard, because you are quite literally the only you in the universe. What is your soul saying today?


Your creative process is how you tap into bringing your unique soul gifts into the world. What are you creating today?


You are not alone. Community is a huge part of this divine process of creation. Ideas for collaborating with us?

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