Oh, Hi There! (Waves)

Here we are, tapping into that gorgeous universal kismet and making connections happen.

Mick Schrier Testimonial

I want to share some very personal, life changing experiences. Specifically, two separate events which happen to have occurred within a few hours of each other and correlated perfectly. It will never be difficult for me to remember this date, my favorite T-shirt has it prominently printed on the front. That day, August 21st, 2017 and the preceding days are eternally imprinted in my DNA. This was the day of the recent solar eclipse which crossed over the United States. I was in McCloud, California to attend and assist with the four day Eclipse of Disclosure event.

I was gathered with hundreds of people I had never met before, yet somehow I felt more connected and at home with them than I had ever known. Everyone I talked to agreed that this meeting of the minds seemed like a huge soul family reunion. The collective coherence gradually built, eventually creating  an atmosphere that was beyond surreal. Time dilated and the synchronicities were rapidly continuous, revealing the divine nature of all that was transpiring.

The first experience I want to discuss in depth was a Tarot reading I was given by Teresa Yanaros. This took place shortly after the apex of this momentous cosmic alignment. (Sidenote: A member of our group took a photograph of the eclipse and unsuspectingly caught a black triangle flying past.) As soon as I saw Teresa setting up her table for readings, something in me knew I had to get one from her. She asked me to pick a deck out of the few that she had, apparently I chose her favorite deck. She laid out a spread, put a finger to her lips and contemplatively went “hmmm”.

She immediately said “You like music, you’re a musician.” Somewhat flabbergasted, because none of the cards had anything to do with music, I acknowledged her insight. I’ve been a musician since elementary school and Teresa confirmed that I’ve been a musician in all of my past lives, and they’ve all been leading up to this one. The next thing she said was “You have a connection to archangel Michael.” Which again, blew me away. I have gone by Mick my entire life, but my legal name is Michael. I told this to Teresa and she replied “He’s here to help you. If you ever want his assistance, just call upon him. Say his name three times, Mikael Mikael, Mikael.” I internalized this piece of information, not realizing it would be so pertinent in the very near future. Teresa then told me that the archangels are actually Andromedans and that she associates herself with them as well. She thinks we are meant to work together in the future. What I was told next was a bit perplexing, naturally. Teresa said that she sensed some sort of trauma from my early childhood. She said that I don’t remember what happened, I haven’t emotionally processed it, and because of this a huge amount of energy was stored in my heart. The last card in my spread was called Patience & Planning. This nicely corresponded, because I do feel like I have been very patient, but I am now being called to move into action. There were many things I couldn’t automatically verify, but I have had many tarot readings in the past, and one has never resonated so deeply with me. It literally brought me to tears because I subconsciously knew that she was speaking the truth I needed to hear. I am extremely grateful this opportunity was presented to me and I look forward to learning more about myself through future readings with Teresa.

I didn’t think that any more of my tears would flow that day, but boy was I wrong. During one of Eric Raine’s workshops, he pointed out  Matthew Mournian, a student he praised for his progress and personal transformation. I knew I wanted to connect with Matthew but didn’t end up running into him until essentially the end. He offered to give me an energetic healing and I delightedly obliged.  Similar to Tarot readings, I have been practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong  for years now, but honestly hadn’t had any really profound experiences. I can’t properly describe how beyond expectations what happened next was. Matthew took me out into a quiet area with trees surrounding us. We sat down in some camping chairs with the sunset and Mount Shasta in view. As I started to breathe deeply, we began to ground. The first thing Matthew said was “We are going to call upon Mick’s guides to help in this process.” In my mind, I intuitively responded “I call upon my guides to help in this process.” Then what Teresa told me earlier clicked. So to myself I repeated “Mikael, Mikael, Mikael”.  In an instant my body was coursing with more energy than I have ever felt in my entire life. I was electrified, literally shaking. It was similar to the feeling you get when your arm falls asleep, tingling pins and needles. Except it was all over my body, multiplied a thousand fold. Tears of joy began to stream down my face and they didn’t stop during this amazing healing. We stood up and grounded again, then things got even more intense. The breakthrough moment was when Matthew lead me through a visualization exercise.  Again, usually I’m not very good at visualizing things in my mind’s eye.  However, at this point I could clearly see golden energy flowing through my body, coming from the cosmos above as well as from the mother earth below. Matthew instructed me to visualize a stair case, one that I remembered from my past. He said “I want you to see the color of the stairs. Is there a railing? Are the stairs carpet or wood?” My mind scrambled for a few seconds and then again it clicked. I remembered the stair case in my Father’s house. I saw it perfectly. The maroon carpeting, the wooden banister. He said “I want you to visualize it having ten stairs. You are at the top of the stairs now. I want you to look down at your feet.” With my eyes closed, I looked down at my feet. Without consciously doing so, I saw little bare feet. I was a child again, in my Dad’s house. Next, Mathew said “Okay, I want you to go down the stairs one by one now.” At this point I felt an unexplainable amount of resistance.  It was like something really didn’t want me to go down those stairs and was trying to hold me back as much as possible. So I mustered all the power I could and took that first step. I continued to push through, and each step became easier and easier. As I was going down each stair, I could feel and see immense amounts of energy surging though my body and flying out of my heart chakra. I felt incredible, then Matthew said “I want you to go back up the stairs again, one to ten.” Once more, the same resistance was attempting to restrain me. I forced myself up the stairs one at a time and the energy continued flowing up and out through my heart.

This is where things get even more strange. I so vividly felt like I was back in my Dad’s house that when I got to the top of the stairs, I saw the three doors that are there. Matthew didn’t tell me to, but in my mind I went over to the door of my childhood room. I swung it open and the entire room was dark. It was black like a void, except for two things. The first thing I saw in the room was a black light poster I used to have, exactly where it used to hang. The poster was lit up brightly and glowing. On the poster was a grey extraterrestrial, with a single finger pointing.  As I looked around the room, the only other thing I saw was a book. It was as if it was floating in the bottom drawer of where my desk would have been. The book was also glowing iridescently. I know exactly what book this was, a book my Father gave me as a child about UFOs and Extraterrestrials. This to me was a direct hint at what Teresa had been referring to regarding unremembered childhood trauma. The energy began to subside and the healing was coming to completion. I felt better at that moment than I had ever felt in my life. It was as if I had lost thirty pounds and my brain was rewired for peace and love. I have had more mental clarity and inspiration than ever before. I feel profoundly fortunate to have connected with Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency and Matthew Aaron Mournian. I cannot recommend their services more, they are both divinely gifted.

Mick Schrier