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30 Minutes Skype Session: $45

1 Hour Skype Session: $60


$15 3-Card Email Tarot Reading

$25 “Deep Dive” Email Tarot Reading

Want to Learn How to Read Tarot? Inquire about 1-on-1 tarot coaching.


Note from Teresa:

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone!

I’ve been expanding my coaching services over the last month, and it’s been a wonderfully transformative process for both me AND my clients.

I offer tarot readings, yes- but that’s just the beginning of what you’ll experience in my sessions. As a Leo, I am action-based, forward-moving, and filled with practical tools to equip you with as you trek along your spiritual journey.

What will you gain access to?

  • Meditation regimen tailored specifically to YOU and what you are going through
  • Tools for Transformation: Techniques for re-wiring, changing, updating thought patterns, to help YOU take back your personal power and enable you to GROW
  • Guided Meditation and Energy-based clearings/boosts (optional service that many are taking advantage of and loving!)
  • A perspective “mirror”- bounce your research and thoughts off me, let’s go deep and uncover new pieces of truth together!
  • Spiritual homework. Topics to research for us to discuss


Many of my clients meet with me once a week. Together we work through your karmic cycles/ energy blocks/ life circumstances to build an optimal timeline. You are the Magician of your life- and have the personal power within you to harness the Divinity that lives inside you every single moment! You wake up every morning, and you make a choice to live the life you have. What will you make of this opportunity?



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