What is Magic?

An inspired tale of adventure towards truth, one woo-woo concept at a time.


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What is Magic? Chapters 1-2


Meet Tessa, a pioneer and dreamer, on a quest for a soul-fulfilling life. This modern day fairy tale begins in California. A tech-industry girlfriend and physicist boyfriend have an overwhelming realization that they are cogs in the wheel of a boring old program! In an attempt to crack the code, they walk into their high paying corporate jobs on the same day… and QUIT. One year later, Tessa and Luke are married entrepreneurs living in Rhode Island.

Tessa receives a gift; a special book from her father. A book that dredges up some big issues with her belief systems, and forces her to confront some important questions. The next few months would change the couple’s lives forever.

What is Magic?

What is Magic?”

Join Tessa in an action-packed, information-crammed, sometimes heart-breaking (but mostly hilarity-inducing) story about connecting with higher consciousness, and learning how to live a spirit-filled life.

On one hand, Tessa settles into wifedom, tries to figure out how to get pregnant without going crazy first, and copes with the solitude of small town living. On the other hand, Tessa learns about reincarnation through the book her father gave her, witnesses her husband experience a past life while under hypnosis, and receives a completely unsolicited visit from her spirit guide!

Tessa catapults into the biggest spiritual awakening of her entire life.

“What is Magic?” takes the reader down the research rabbit hole of information, from sacred geometry, to alien origins, to quantum physics. Laugh as Tessa deciphers the intricacies of life’s meaning through her iPhone screen and struggles to figure out where her new belief systems fit in with her Catholic roots.

Tessa’s stories about her Catholic upbringing are hilarious. She makes the whole idea of a spiritual awakening alive and real, like a dirty spiritual martini. Fresh, hip, and delicious… with a side of incense and crystal healing.”   Vanessa Green

What To Expect

  • Stumble with purpose across yoga mats
  • Figure out how to use an ovulation predictor kit
  • Dive into the concepts of gravity and light
  • Ride the roller coaster of fertility medication hormones
  • Bask in the light of a full moon
  • Have an out of body experience
  • Come along for the ride as Tessa tries to cohesively explain and understand this great big, amazingly beautiful and perfect world in which we live and grow!