Oh, Hi There! (Waves)

Here we are, tapping into that gorgeous universal kismet and making connections happen.


 What is Magic?

If you’ve been intrigued by Teresa’s book and you meet any of the following criteria, I want your beautiful soul in my life.

  • I am an agent or publisher. I am totally soaking up your glittery auric rays, buying what you’re selling, and looking to get your book onto shelves!
  • I am a unicorn.
  • I don’t meet any of your criteria. You didn’t even consider someone like me contacting you, which make me the most special of all.

Divine Frequency

If your curiosity has been piqued by Teresa’s YouTube channel and you meet any of the following criteria, let’s chat!

  • I am a fellow spiritual conquistador that wants to hop on your soul-train and collaborate.
  • I am a curious soul-searcher with questions or answers, wanting to connect and vibe out.
  • I am a public figure, and would love for you to interview me on your show.
  • I am a fan, and I want to interview you on my podcast/show/channel.
  • None of this criteria sounds like me, but I’m awesome and want to connect.

Call: (832) 85-MAGIC

Email: thedivinefrequency@gmail.com.