Stacy Goode Exclusive: How the Videos Will be Released

Hi Divines!

We are super excited to announce that Stacy Goode’s exclusive interview is now LIVE to the public! Her story is incredible, and I am stoked to see the positive impact that it has on our community. When I met Stacy for the first time at Contact in the Desert this year, I felt her integrity and conviction shine through from the very beginning. The very first conversation I had with her, I told her I was dying to know her story, and that I would love to be able to interview her for my channel.

After an amazing weekend, and some crazy synchronicities experienced together, Corey and Stacy told me they would love for me to have the exclusive interview. Going over to their house the following week and seeing ground zero where the military vehicles flew over head a few years prior was surreal. I have followed Corey’s story from the very beginning of him entering the public eye, and have always wondered about the woman beside the secret space program interview.

Without further adieu, and with great pride and humility, I am honored to announce that Divine Frequency has released the first ever world premiere exclusive interview with Corey Goode’s cosmically amazing wife, Stacy Goode!

I received a ton of feedback about how people preferred to view the material, and I wanted to try my best to accomodate everyone’s lives and schedules. We have released the exclusive as one big video today for those who just can’t wait to dive right in and hear the whole testimony. I will also be releasing it in smaller chunks over time for those who cannot commit to an entire hour exclusive all at once.

A HUGE thank you to Corey who helped immensely with gear, setup, and production. Thank you Stacy for sharing your story with the world!


Teresa Yanaros

Divine Frequency

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