Seth Rich and Cabal Control

With everything going on with Seth Rich, the Cabal is freaking out! Follow a few days with me and see what’s happening.


In today’s podcast, Teresa and Justin dive deep into the manipulation tactics of the cabal during the recent Manchester false flag, and find the patterns underlying within its relation to the Seth Rich murder atrocity.

How can we rise above and defeat the control mechanisms put in place in our society? Listen in to find out more.

We are literally IN the Age of Disclosure and WITNESSING the Fall of the Cabal. Powers that “were,” we are onto you!

Teresa’s Perspectives:

Yet another false flag to cover up important events the Cabal doesn’t want you to see. With the Seth Rich murder story gaining traction in the public eye, it was a perfect time to throw the public for a loop. Learn a few tips about cross referencing information to see the big picture.

Attempts at Censorship!

With the uprise and shift in the collective consciousness, we are rewiring the programming that has perpetuated by the system our entire lives. Seth Rich has struck a chord in the collective. Blocking my monetization because I discuss false flags and Rich will not silence my voice. If I am told by the “man” that I am not supported, and essentially told to stay in my lane, I immediately start to wonder. What chord have I struck? Sensitive Material? Awesome. I am in the right place.

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