Contact in The Desert Interviews

Hey y’all!

Check out my interviews with Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion and Justin Deschamps of Stillness in the Storm.

Hear their perspectives on the conference in Joshua Tree in May 2017.

Jordan (Destroying the Illusion) and Teresa (Divine Frequency) discuss Jordan’s experience at Contact in the Desert. Learn about his philosophies on honing in on the currents that propel us towards full disclosure.

Justin Deschamps (Stillness in the Storm) and Teresa Yanaros (Divine Frequency) debrief about Contact in the Desert 2017. Justin, the genius behind the SITS blog, is a prominent driving force behind the disclosure movement.

After hanging out with Justin, the reason behind the name of his blog makes perfect sense. His insights and wisdom come from a cosmically zen place from within his heart. Getting to speak with him in person was an enlightening experience. Justin’s thoughts are always elevated to a higher plane, and his explanations and philosophies weave into the cosmic tapestry of truth in blindingly bright new ways.

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