Exclusive Interview With Stacy Goode, Wife of Corey Goode of the Full Disclosure Project Initiative

Over the last few years, I have followed Corey Goode’s journey through the public eye and watched his Secret Space Program testimony unfold. His story resonated with me strongly, and it’s been amazing to see the whistleblowers who have stepped up and joined his side to corroborate his story.

Coming from a military family myself, I have always wondered about the wife behind Corey’s legacy. I have witnessed first hand the integrity and grace exuded by women whose calling it is to play this extremely important supportive role, and have been dying to hear Stacy’s story- the woman behind the man breaking down cosmic walls and activating a paradigm shift.

Last week, I met Corey and Stacy, and asked if she would care to share her story with the world. After a cosmic connection, and a series of synchronistic events, Stacy has decided that she is ready to take that step. I am one of many ready to show support to Stacy and listen intently to the story of her journey.

I am beyond ecstatic to announce that I will be interviewing Stacy Goode this upcoming week. If you have ideas for questions, or if there is anything you wish to know more about, please email me at thedivinefrequency@gmail.com.

The video will be uploaded to my YouTube Channel, Divine Frequency afterwards. Make sure to subscribe! http://youtube.com/c/divinefrequency

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