Truth Seeking and the Implications of Homogeneity v. Heterogeneity

Within the Disclosure Movement, we as a people work to wrap our brains around new information and attempt to fuse it together into one gigantic cosmic tapestry.

What are the implications of Homogeneity v. Heterogeneity as we move towards the capital T – Truth?

The Value of Homogeneity
Because the rabbit hole of lies has been deeply perpetuated through out history, experts have dedicated their lives to understanding current of lies and seeking the actual REAL truth of matters. One example is Graham Hancock, whose life work revolves around human origins and early Earth history. Other experts have dedicated their careers to focusing in more recent history, and seek to spread the truth of controversies taking place in the last 100 or so years.

Food for thought: What big picture concepts could we derive through bringing experts within the Disclosure Movement together to see what patterns and elements surfaced? Grab all of the experts and lay them out in a panel setting, from early history buffs through to the experts reporting on current news. Each expert has deep dive info into their field, and could draw new patterns through listening/understanding other experts and their concepts.

The Value of Heterogeneity
Taking it down a level, each and every one of us is sifting through data to figure out what we truly believe, and see how it resonates within the deepest parts of our souls. When it comes to political up through cosmic issues, respecting others opinions is paramount. Listen to understand and not to respond. Keep your beliefs malleable, and fuse your concepts with new information to refine your belief systems. People have different perspectives based on how they perceive information, the source and breadth of the information they have integrated into their concepts, and how their world has been shaped through their physical experience in this lifetime (and previous lifetimes).

Respecting heterogeneity of opinion is paramount as we tackle big questions and infuse our own concepts with the perspectives of others. Homogeneity is beneficial when it comes to experts in their fields and drawing big picture truths. In conclusion, we are all here to collaborate and help each other expand and grow. This is done through fusing knowledge and also being respectful of other people’s journeys as well.

Tumbling through the Aether together while respecting other’s journeys helps us to exist in a space of calmness as we try to make sense of the depth of information.

Errant thoughts inspired by conversations about Contact in the Desert, brought to you by yours truly,

Teresa Yanaros

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