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Hi everyone!

Tessa Gianni here. I hope that everyone is having a Whimsical Wednesday! If you haven’t yet had a chance to watch last week’s episode, you can check it out now by clicking here.

We talked about all kinds of juicy stuff, from out of body and near death experiences, to the transcendental nature of child birth! I would love to hear your stories of the Earth-shattering experiences you’ve had in your life that made you realize that things are big and amazing, and that you are an integral part of it all!

Anyway, enough of the fluff. Here’s this week’s video.

This week’s blog will be centered around what you can do to infuse your daily life with a little inspiration and appreciation.

Make a list of the three most mundane activities that you engage in every day. Now consider this list. How can you turn these activities into something fun? If you were a child, how would you approach the chore?


  • Dish Washing: Jam your favorite music in head phones and sing on the top of your lungs. Appreciate each dish as you wash it, and think about how life would be if you didn’t have dishes. Have fun!
  • Driving to Work in Traffic: Feel just how cool it is to be riding inside of a vehicle; one that you own! Pretend you are in a space ship and you are stuck in traffic in outer space. Pretend each driver is the captain of their own ship. Find ways to become immersed in the activity without feeling frustrated. How would a child pass the time? Maybe play I Spy with yourself. Haha!

What other ways can you learn to see the world with new and appreciative eyes?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Comment below and share your experiences. Life’s a game; enjoy the ride!

Much love,


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