Soul Body and Astral Travel

In part one of the “Beyond the Physical” series Tessa dives into research, taking it to the community to find out how many people actually have had experiences beyond our normal day-to-day rat race.

Find out stories from real life people, including an anecdote from Tessa herself. This episode will make for great dinner conversation!

Check out the video here.

First, let’s wrap our brains around the concept of having an experience out of body. I always like to start with this: you are more than your physical body. Your soul inhabits a body, but your experience here on Earth isn’t the limit of your consciousness. It’s only a part of your consciousness. You can actually expand into a larger part of yourself, and people do this all of the time.

Now, bringing it back down to Earth (pun oh so intended), what is our soul body anyways?

Deep Dive articles: The Soul Body

For more information about out of body experiences, you can check out what the main stream is saying by checking out Wikipedia. It can be a good starting place for research to learn what is generally and widely accepted. Then you can jump into your-

Deep Dive Articles: Out of Body Experiences

Do some searching and figure out what it is you believe! Have you ever had an out of body experience? Have you ever had an experience that made you know that you were connected to something larger? Be sure to tune in next week to my reflections with wine from this research project. If this inspired you and you want to sure your story or response, please email me at

Have a great week, y’all!




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