Easy Stress Relief


Tessa here, super excited about this week’s video:

Deep Dive!

Grab your journal, and delve into the following articles. I’d love to hear your take aways! thedivinefrequency@gmail.com

Brain Waves

In my video, I talked mainly about getting to the alpha brain wave state because it is most relevant and easy for incorporating into your day to day. You just need to stop, chill for a second, and breathe that delicious air.

If you can get to alpha- GREAT. If you are looking for deeper healing? Let’s talk THETA.

Theta Healing

If you can achieve theta brain wave state and meditate here, this is even better for your health, and moves you into a place of wringing out your bad ju-ju and letting in that divine woo-woo! It’s time to get New Agey, in here folks. Ya ready?

What is Theta Meditation?

Okay, time to drop some badass tunes on ya! Grab your aromatherapy and bath towel, and turn up your speakers. It’s time for a






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